Sunday, June 12, 2011

Electric Pink

Okay, so my inspiration this week came from a baby shower I attended last week.  All the ladies were wearing these wonderful corals, and I don't normally like corals, but they looked so summery.  I have been on a big summer look kick these days, so I had to get into one of those corals. 

I found this number late last season and was only able to wear it once before I had to put away the feet from the cold.  BUT I will be wearing it this year, heck, I may have to buy a new bottle!  This is the most amazing coral I have ever found.  First off, it's call Electric Pink, but it really does prove like a coral or than a pink.  Second, it's BRIGHT, but not orange in any way!  I love love love it!  So great I made the carpet match the drapes(toes and nails, gutter dwellers!)! 

And I know this is odd for me, being an OPI girl, but this is a Revlon color.  Not that they are much cheaper these days, those just usually don't go on as well to me and are not great in the longevity department.  But Revlon has it's great exceptions(Vixen is another that in the prune color battle, won over Channel for me!). 

If you have been one that has steered away from corals because you are just not an orange fan or don't like that look, give this one a shot.  It's a cream, it's a 2 coater and it's fabulous for toes!  Keep it coming Revlon!  Good job! And of course, you can get this at any pharmacy or Wally World!

What's your favorite summer color?


  1. I do love a coral. God knows they look great on those lucky enough to tan, but they make even us pale-skin girls look a little less sickly.

  2. Thanks to the pool here at the apt. I am less and less of the pale every day I am off. That will call change next Monday, though! Imma do one more blog before then.... Tomorrow is home pedi day!