Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Black Shatter/Custom Kicks

And here I go with my Shatter blog post!  I'm sure I'm really late in the game, but I found the perfect undercoat, and well, I have the week off, so yea, 2 blogs in one week! 

I lucked out and scored this bottle of black Shatter from a friend that was frustrated with it.  I did a bit of practice and found it to be actually pretty easy to apply.  I have not tried any other brand of shatter and cannot find the other colors(much to my disappointment!) so that's the extent of my experience with this product.  This is the OPI Shatter, I think from the Katy Perry line.  It's a pretty cool effect, and I would love at least the Silver Shatter as well.  I am out of work until this Monday so I do not dare darken a Walgreens door in an attempt to find the other brands or colors....  Maybe next month!

And the undercoat?  It's China Glaze Custom Kicks.  I love this aqua green love machine!  It's soooo pretty!  Only one downside:  The removal of this color is tricky.  You MUST use a base coat or your nails WILL turn green and yucky.  Heck, even if you use a base coat they may turn green and then a yicky yellow....  BUT it's kinda worth it.  Just buff um up and they are like new, right?  Well, I applied an extra thick coat of base, so we shall see how it comes off this time.

These 2 are a match made in 80's Heaven!  Just beware and use a base coat.  The Shatter comes off easily for me, I mean, it's not really a nail polish, it's just a treatment coat.  It's a breeze!  You want to make sure that your undercoat is totally and completely dry before applying the Shatter, and you want to apply a relatively thin, and really quick coat.  This stuff dries fast, and you don't want to polish over it once it's begun to do it's "Shatter" thing.  Like I said, it's not lacquer coat, so you MUST use a top coat with it, and again, I suggest Sheche Vite.  Let me know if I can answer any questions for you!


  1. Isn't it fun playing with the possibilities?

  2. AND, my friend Shandi let me in on a tip.... If you apply a thin coat of white under a color that stains, it helps! Gotta try that next time. But the only white I have now is the Orly French Tip with the skinny brush to help with detailing.... It would take me an hour to apply! :)