Monday, March 14, 2011

Seche Vite... O la la....

There is a new love in my life. I have been searching and searching and finally I have found what I've needed all along.  I've tried them all; the cheap ones, the expensive ones and somehow this one eluded me.  But no longer!  I have found the PERFECT TOP COAT!! 

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is the latest and greatest manicure love of my life.  It's medium range, available everywhere....  I have no idea how I never found it waaaay before now.  It DOES dry fast, it DOES NOT get gloppy and it is the PERFECT finish to every color EVER! 

Seriously, do yourself a favor, splurg the like, $5.99 for this top coat.  You will not be disappointed, and I promise that.  And when I say fast, I mean like one minute fast.  Can I get a witness?  It is the best top coat ever and I will shout it from the mountain tops...  I LOVE SECHE VITE!!!!

As far as base coats go, and we all know that they are just as, if not more important as a top coat, I suggest OPI's Natural Base Coat.  It looks like it has a pink tint; it does not.

 Also dries SUPER fast and though it is, at most places, a bit more on the pricey end, it lasts FOREVER and your nails will thank you by never turning yellow or tint red.  It looks at blacks and blues and says, "Bring it one!"  Works like a charm, everytime.

I know that we all toot on about these polishes and they can lighter the load in your wallet, but if you love your nails, you have to protect them (AKA the base coat) and you have to keep all that pricey polish on as long as possible, looking a good as possible (AKA the top coat).  So, ladies, buy all the cheap colors you want, but when it comes to these two, take my advice.  You will feel better all around for doing it!  Especially the mommies out there!

TTFN and nail love love to all!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lincoln Park After Dark

Soooo, I got the OPI 'it' color of the moment and I love it.  So dark, but with just a bit of a brown/purple undertone!  I guess I'm on the band wagon with this one.  I have it one my toes, too, and it rocks!  Of course, because it's OPI it stays one amazingly.  Gotta love that, right?  I have to say, that when it comes to nail polish, you usually get what you pay for.  Well, I would say that there are exceptions to that rule as well (Channel for example).

Beautiful!  I'm going shopping this afternoon with Annie, so we will see if the manicure can take it.  Should be fine!  What are your favorite darks? 

This color is perfect for me now.  I feel like my life is moving so quickly, I need something that will stick with me and makes a statement.  Whether that statement is that I'm confident enough to put this on my hands or whether it is this is just were I am in life.  Whatever statement you want to make, Lincoln Park After Dark will get approval from all!

Aruba Blue/Beware

Okay, so inspired, yet again, but Rachel, I set forth to create my own Predator's manicure!  It did not take long to find just the right colors, especially since Essie has been made available at Wal Mart for goodness sake!  Now everyone can enjoy their wonderful colors....  Yea! 

I chose the Essie color, Aruba Blue, which is opalescent on it's own, but you know, when you are going to watch the Preds take on the Blue Jackets, you have to make your nails STAND OUT!  So, I topped the Aruba Blue with Pure Ice's Beware.  Very small glitter, but with a powerful punch.  This glitter was easy to apply and came off even easier.  You all know what a pain in the tuckus getting glitter polish off can be, but this was a breeze.  It looked exactly like I wanted it to and I got lottsa compliments on it!

I still have not found the navy I'm looking for.  I heard Essie had a good one, but after looking at the Zoya selection, they may have just what I'm looking for!  Wish me luck, ladies!  Till the next manicure*SWAK*