Saturday, May 21, 2011

That's Berry Daring

Thank God that summer is well on it's way!!  It's been a long winter, folks, but let's dig out those flip flops, scrub off those hoofs and get out the bright, loud and lovely colors.  Nothing says welcome warm weather like 10 perfectly coiffed toes beaming out over that wonderful "flip flop" sound! 

I decided to dig myself out of the doldrums of life and pep up my mani with my 2 favorite new acquisitions! My fellow nailafile Rachel and I took a special trip to Ulta and these are 2 of the 5 I got for a petty $20!

 And without further ado I give you.....

It's the best pink I own, and folks, I own some pink!  I am a cream coat sucker, and this totally has my in it's wonderful, dreamy clutches!  It's a pink that can sometimes look like a red:  Perfection.  It's OPI's "That's Berry Daring"!

This amazing double coat, covered in (THANK YOU, MISS RACHEL!! I actually did a little glitter coat dance when I first applied this!  You would have been entertained) Wet 'n Wild's amazing "Party of Five" glitter coat is a perfect spring coming out present for you and your fingers and toes!  

Just check it out!

The picture does not do it justice, but it looks pretty good.

With Summer coming, who knows what's next, but it's sure to be full of color!!!  TTFN all of my daring friends!

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  1. Gawgeous, of course! Party of Five Glitters looks great on pink...I'm gonna have to give that a try!