Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aruba Blue/Beware

Okay, so inspired, yet again, but Rachel, I set forth to create my own Predator's manicure!  It did not take long to find just the right colors, especially since Essie has been made available at Wal Mart for goodness sake!  Now everyone can enjoy their wonderful colors....  Yea! 

I chose the Essie color, Aruba Blue, which is opalescent on it's own, but you know, when you are going to watch the Preds take on the Blue Jackets, you have to make your nails STAND OUT!  So, I topped the Aruba Blue with Pure Ice's Beware.  Very small glitter, but with a powerful punch.  This glitter was easy to apply and came off even easier.  You all know what a pain in the tuckus getting glitter polish off can be, but this was a breeze.  It looked exactly like I wanted it to and I got lottsa compliments on it!

I still have not found the navy I'm looking for.  I heard Essie had a good one, but after looking at the Zoya selection, they may have just what I'm looking for!  Wish me luck, ladies!  Till the next manicure*SWAK*

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  1. How did I miss this post? Ohwell. Love it! That's a great glitter coat! Next time you're downtown, swing by American Apparel on Broadway. Passport Blue is about as navy as it gets.